Projects 2017-2019

This webpage will be updated as required.  Last updated 08 February 2019

Continuing Projects

A number of SDWG projects commenced during the U.S. Chairmanship (2015-2017) have continued into the Finnish Chairmanship (2017-2019).  Most of these projects will be completed by the Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting in May 2019.

  1. The Arctic as a Food-Producing Region [Leads: Canada, Norway, GCI, ICC]
  2. Arctic indigenous youth, climate change and food culture (EALLU) [Leads: Canada, Kingdom of Denmark, Norway, Russian Federation, U.S., AIA, Saami Council]
  3. Arctic Remote Energy Networks Academy (ARENA) [Leads: Canada, Finland, Iceland, U.S., GCI, AIA]
  4. Arctic Renewable Energy Atlas (AREA) [Leads: Canada, U.S., GCI]
  5. Gender Equality in the Arctic II [Leads: Iceland, Sweden, Finland, AIA]
  6. Operationalizing a One Health approach in the Arctic, Part 2 (One Health) [Leads: Canada, U.S.]

 New Projects

The following projects have been initiated during the Finnish Chairmanship. It is anticipated that most of these projects will also be completed by May 2019.

  1. Arctic Children – Preschool Education and Smooth Transition to School [Leads: Russian Federation, Finland, RAIPON]
  2. Arctic Energy Summit 2017 [Leads: Finland, Iceland, Russian Federation]
  3. Arctic Generation 2030 [Leads: Norway, Finland]
  4. Good Practice Recommendations for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Public Participation in EIA in the Arctic (Arctic EIA) [Leads: Finland, Kingdom of Denmark, Canada, GCI]
  5. Solid Waste Management in Small Arctic Communities [Leads: Canada, Finland, AIA]
  6. Teacher Education for Diversity and Equality in the Arctic [Leads: Canada, Finland, Norway, Russian Federation]

 Project Proposals Under Development

The following projects are currently under development and it is anticipated that they will be formally submitted to the SDWG for approval in the near future.

  1. Working Title: Arctic Sustainable Energy Futures Toolkit [Leads TBD: Proposed by GCI, AIA, Canada]
  2. Working Title: Occupational Health in the Arctic [Leads TBD: Proposed by Finland]
  3. Working Title: Operationalizing Mental Wellness and Suicide Prevention [Leads TBD: Proposed by Canada, Finland]
  4. Working Title: Arctic Construction Survey [Leads TBD: Proposed by Finland]
  5. Working Title: Follow-on to Arctic Remote Energy Networks Academy (ARENA) [Leads TBD: Proposed by Canada]
  6. Working Title: Arctic Energy Summit 2019 [Leads TBD:  Proposed by Iceland]
  7. Working Title: Arctic Communities and Heavy Fuel Oils (HFOs)[Leads TBD: Proposed by AIA]