Projects 2017-2019

This webpage will be updated as required.  Last updated 12 April 2019.  More project feature pages coming soon!

SDWG Work Plan 2017-2019

For a copy of the SDWG Work Plan 2017-2019, please CLICK HERE.

Continuing Projects

A number of SDWG projects commenced during the U.S. Chairmanship (2015-2017) have continued into the Finnish Chairmanship (2017-2019).  Most of these projects will be completed by the Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting in May 2019.

  1. The Arctic as a Food-Producing Region [Leads: Canada, Norway, GCI, ICC]
  2. Arctic indigenous youth, climate change and food culture (EALLU) [Leads: Canada, Kingdom of Denmark, Norway, Russian Federation, U.S., AIA, Saami Council]
  3. Arctic Remote Energy Networks Academy (ARENA) [Leads: Canada, Finland, Iceland, U.S., GCI, AIA]
  4. Arctic Renewable Energy Atlas (AREA) [Leads: Canada, U.S., GCI]
  5. Gender Equality in the Arctic II [Leads: Iceland, Sweden, Finland, AIA]
  6. Operationalizing a One Health approach in the Arctic, Part 2 (One Health) [Leads: Canada, U.S.]

 New Projects

The following projects have been initiated during the Finnish Chairmanship. It is anticipated that most of these projects will also be completed by May 2019.

  1. Arctic Children – Preschool Education and Smooth Transition to School [Leads: Russian Federation, Finland, RAIPON]
  2. Arctic Energy Summit 2017 (Completed) [Leads: Finland, Iceland, Russian Federation]
  3. Arctic Generation 2030 [Leads: Norway, Finland]
  4. Arctic EIA – Good Practice Recommendations for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Public Participation in the Arctic [Leads: Finland, Kingdom of Denmark, Canada, GCI]
  5. Solid Waste Management in Small Arctic Communities [Leads: Canada, Finland, AIA]
  6. Teacher Education for Diversity and Equality in the Arctic [Leads: Canada, Finland, Norway, Russian Federation]
  7. Arctic Resilience Action Framework (ARAF) [Leads: U.S., Sweden, Finland]
  8. Arctic Sustainable Energy Futures Toolkit [Leads: Canada, Kingdom of Denmark, GCI, Netherlands]
  9. Circumpolar Resilience, Engagement and Action Through Story(CREATes) [Leads: Canada, Finland]
  10. Zero Arctic: Concepts for carbon neutral Arctic construction based on tradition [Leads: Finland, Canada]
  11. Arctic Energy Summit 2019 [Leads: Iceland, Finland]
  12. Assessing the Use of Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) in Indigenous Communities [Leads: U.S., Canada, AIA, CCU]

 Project Proposals Under Development

The following projects are currently under development but have not yet been endorsed by the SDWG:

  1. Working Title: Occupational Health in the Arctic  [Proposed by Finland]
  2. Working Title: Follow-on to Arctic Remote Energy Networks Academy (ARENA II) [Proposed by Canada]
  3. Working Title:  Arctic Food Innovation Cluster [Concept paper presented by Canada]