Current Projects


The SDWG will continue to focus on projects that address the human dimensions of the Arctic. In accordance with recommendations from the Integrating Traditional and Local Knowledge (TLK) initiative, the SDWG adopted a Revised Project Proposal Template that incorporates TLK. All new SDWG projects and initiatives under the U.S. Chairmanship will be developed using this Revised Project Proposal Template.

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Other Projects and Activities

The SDWG is also involved in other projects and activities during the USA Chairmanship period (2015-2017), including:

  • Cooperation on cross-cutting issues with other Arctic Council working groups and task forces, including:
    • PAME’s project on Meaningful Engagement of Indigenous Peoples in Marine Activities (MEMA);
    • PAME’s project on Implementation of the Arctic Marine Strategic Plan;
    • AMAP’s International Arctic Science Conference: Bringing Knowledge to Action, in Reston, Virginia, April 2017
    • ACAP’s project on Circumpolar Local Environmental Observing Network (CLEO).