Arctic Generation 2030

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Arctic Generation 2030

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Norway, Finland



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The objective of this project is to forge a strong and globally connected community of future Arctic leaders.  “Future leaders”, broadly speaking, is intended to include young professionals, local government or agency deputies, emerging Permanent Participant or indigenous organization leaders, early career scientists or transitioning students.  The goal is to invest in and strengthen the human capital of the region with a focus on training, networking, and partnerships led by the region’s primary actors in education, research, public policy, and business. The project will build a new form of collaborative internships and job experiences across the circumpolar north, supported by a community for northern leaders and experts. This leverages a unique partnership between business and academia, in cooperation with the Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG), including Arctic States, Permanent Participants, and Observer States and Organizations.  The project responds directly to the strategic vision of the SDWG, which references the focus on the human dimension and the Arctic’s richest resource, its people. Additionally, Arctic Generation 2030, through its community of experts and networks, provides linkages to almost all of the SDWG priority areas, and introduces future leaders to these in the same way, to include: health, education, community heritage and vitality, culture, living conditions, regional differentiation, inequality, sustainable energy, economic activity, business development, transportation, infrastructure, water and sanitation, and the intersection of community and the environment.

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