Arctic Remote Energy Networks Academy (ARENA)

Project Title:

Arctic Remote Energy Networks Academy (ARENA)

Project Leads:

Canada, Finland, Iceland, U.S., GCI, AIA


A continuing project from the U.S. Chairmanship (2015-2017)

Target Completion Date:

March 2018.

Final Project Report May 2019:

ARENA Webinars:
ARENA Video:

Project Summary:

This project was designed to assist capacity building by sharing knowledge and establishing professional networks related to the transition from diesel to hybrid and renewable energy systems in Arctic communities. These goals were accomplished  through a combination of a webinar series (covering topics ranging from electrical energy storage to solar energy) and through an on-site program.  In 2017, 20 Arctic energy “champions” attended workshops in Canada (Yellowknife, Northwest Territory) and the U.S. (Kodiak and Fairbanks, Alaska), and Iceland, combining classroom instruction, coaching, peer engagement and visits to communities and sites operating microgrid energy solutions.

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