Arctic Food Innovation Cluster (AFIC)

Project Title:

Arctic Food Innovation Cluster (AFIC)

Project Leads:

Canada, Finland, Iceland, Aleut International Association, Gwich’in Council International


A follow on project from the U.S. and Finnish Chairmanships (2015-2017, 2017-2019)

Target Completion Date:

March 2021

Project Summary:

The Arctic Foods Innovation Cluster (AFIC) will pull together relevant people in the Arctic foods value chain for a cluster-based approach to food production and regional economic development. We understand food production to encompass traditional, artisanal, and industry-scale production of natural resources into food for own, national, and international consumption. We understand food innovation to encompass 1) new modes of production and consumption patterns, e.g. introduction of hydroponics or aquaponics farming; and 2) new production and consumption of non-food products, e.g. using waste products from the seafood sector to produce medicine or fabrics (Ocean Cluster in Iceland) or seaweed production as both food source and CO2 sequestration (Ocean Rainforest in the Faroe Islands).

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